The idea of ÄNG is simple. We work with what’s right outside our door and refine it to its greatest potential. Many of the ingredients you will find in our dishes are freshly picked from nearby forests, meadows and fields every morning. Vegetables are grown right next to the restaurant and the lambs play around on our farm just next door. 

This idea is what drives us to constantly learn new ways to create innovative culinary experiences for our guests, always on a sustainable foundation.


ÄNG is located at Ästad Vingård which is a vineyard situated in a small county called Halland, just south of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. Halland is a lesser known county but it is a hidden gem when it comes to high quality organic foods and produce. 

We wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for the many talented artisanal farmers and producers in our local area. We work very closely with them in order to learn from their knowledge and experience and to make sure that nothing goes to waste, all that with the added bonus of a minimalistic carbon footprint.


We strive to let the surrounding nature and its produce stay true to their origins and to let them speak for themselves. We prepare them with utmost respect in order to accentuate their pure and clear flavours. 

We always follow the seasons and make sure that we take care of the produce when it is in season and through fermentation, drying and similar processes we can serve high quality vegetables even in winter time. We present the dishes in a way that reflects its origins in the best ways.

Tasting menu SEK 1.300
Beverage pairing SEK 950

The dinner takes approximately 3,5 h.

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Stay overnight in neighboring Ästad Vingård’s comfortable suites and hotel rooms. A pleasant retreat after dinner.


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